About us

At GNTS Decor we believe in the importance of detail in home interior and the significance of beautiful windows. This is why, back in 2010, we introduced a range of unique products – curtain clips, hooks and tiebacks, that are not only made from excellent quality materials, but are also extremely easy to use.

Our mission is to help customers, who are leading busier lives today than ever, to create elegant and luxurious designs they can easily maintain. What’s more, curtains are one of the most popular choices for window treatments as well as the biggest dust collector in any room – our introduced products make it simple to change curtains, without taking the rail down, and simple to achieve a dust free environment.

We take pride in offering the biggest collection of curtain rings, hooks and tiebacks to hang voile and drapery curtains, paintings, blankets or artwork, and to cater for antique, vintage, classic, and modern interiors, all in one place. And since opening our virtual doors, our products attracted attention from mainland Europe and beyond, and we are now operating in the United Kingdom and Germany with customers from all over the world.  

So awaken your creativity, choose from a wide range of colours, styles and sizes of clips and create space you'll love. 


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